There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good romantic comedy. The witty dialogue, amusing misunderstandings, and heartwarming endings make for the perfect escape. But what if you could capture that cosy, romantic feeling in your own home? Rom-com décor, inspired by the charming settings of your favourite movies, is a growing trend that brings warmth and nostalgia to any space. Here’s how you can add a touch of rom-com magic to your home.

What is Rom-Com décor?

Rom-com décor, often referred to as the “Nancy Meyers aesthetic” (named after the director known for her beautifully cosy movie sets), focuses on creating spaces that feel inviting, comfortable, and a bit whimsical. In an article by Martha Stewart Living, Talia Rosen, co-founder of Avakian Interiors, describes it as “lived-in, relaxed, and welcoming.” This style moves away from stark, modern designs and embraces warmth and personal touches.

Key Elements of Rom-Com Décor

Soft hues: Use muted colours like blush pink, soft lavender, pale blue, and mint green to create a soothing atmosphere. These gentle shades evoke a sense of calm and romance.

Floral prints: Incorporate floral patterns through wallpaper, upholstery, and accessories. Floral designs add a fresh and soft feel to any room.

Rom com decor


Vintage touches: Add antique furniture, mirrors, and chandeliers to bring a nostalgic, romantic vibe. Think tufted sofas and delicate lighting fixtures.

Cosy lighting: Replace harsh lighting with warm, ambiant options. Use candles and task lighting to create a magical, inviting glow.

How to bring Rom-Com décor into your home

While you don’t need to completely transform your home, incorporating a few key elements can make a big difference. Here’s how to get started:

Embrace muted colour palettes: Swap out bold, saturated colours for softer hues. Use these colours in your upholstery, throw blankets, and pillows to create a serene, rom-com-inspired atmosphere.

Opt for soft ambiant lighting: Ditch the stark overhead lights. Choose warm or natural light sources, like floor lamps and table lamps. Sheer drapes can also help diffuse natural light and add an ethereal quality to your space.

Incorporate personal treasures: Vintage pieces are essential, but make them personal. Display heirlooms, like an old clock from your grandparents, or your own collection of seashells. These items add character and a sense of history to your home.

Romcom decor


Infuse whimsical touches: Add fun, quirky accents that showcase your personality. Texture-rich frames, memory-filled photos, and unique decorative items can add a playful spirit to your décor.

Balance with neutrals: To avoid overwhelming your space, balance colourful elements with neutral tones. Cream, beige, and white can help lift and complement the rom-com colours in your décor.

Add a touch of nature: Bring a bit of the outdoors inside. A fresh basil plant in the kitchen or a centerpiece made of driftwood can add life and a natural element to your home.

Layer patterns and textiles: Mix different fabrics and patterns to create a cosy, layered look. Combine striped throws with floral cushions or mix various textured pillows to enhance the inviting feel.

Image: Martha Stewart Living

By integrating these elements, you can transform your home into a cosy, romantic retreat that feels like stepping into your favourite rom-com movie. Enjoy the warmth, comfort, and charm that this delightful décor trend brings.

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