The pros and cons of an open-plan bathroom

To help you decide, we asked designer Lisa Millbacher of Bespoke Bathrooms to weigh up the pros and cons of an open-plan bedroom and bathroom

open plan bedroom and bathroom design


  • Views are not impeded by walls nor is natural light. For example, if your master bedroom is on the sunny north side of your home and the en suite bathroom is on the colder south side, an open-plan layout will allow light to flow from one room to another.
  • As it extends from the bedroom, the bathroom becomes more of a sociable living space.
  • It creates a sense of grandeur and luxury.
  • You’re able to watch TV while bathing.
  • If you have a fireplace in the bedroom, it also warms the bathroom.
  • In a compact home, an open-plan layout can help to make both the bedroom and bathroom feel more spacious.

open plan bedroom and idea


  • Lack of privacy can be a concern.
  • Detailed planning is necessary to create a good-looking space. You’ll need to ensure that your bath, basins and vanities integrate with the look of your bedroom furnishings. To create a seamless feel, extra consideration must be given to the choice of flooring and finding a material that will look good in the bedroom, but also be resilient to water in the bathroom area.
  • As you cannot close the door, the sanitary ware and finishes used will have to be of the highest quality as they are constantly under scrutiny. The space will also have to be neat and tidy and any glass surfaces kept clean and sparkling at all times.
  • The noise of running water may disturb your partner when they are trying to sleep.