Big bathroom trends

Kyle Turner, from Luximo, local supplier of leading international high-end sanitaryware brand, ROCA, talks about the hottest bathroom trends

Organic is back

Materials such as wood, stone, metal and ceramics remain popular. Natural materials are being used to great effect to bring nature back into our homes. To stay within budgets, and to ensure easy maintenance and longevity, lots of indistinguishable imitative products are gaining popularity. These warm organically-inspired or natural materials are used juxtaposed with modern materials.


Leading colourways

Dark tones, especially the rich palette of grey hues, are proving to be enormously popular. In the bathroom, they can be used on walls and floor, and contrasted against white sanitary ware for maximum visual impact.

Matte, nude and neutral colours offer the perfect combination when paired with dark greys and blacks, and offer a great way of introducing some contrast to the overall colour palette.

Combinations of pastel tonalities in blue, green, salmon and ash are also on the rise, but only when used as accent tones. And of course, the classic all-white monochromatic bathroom never seems to go out of fashion.


Metal and marble

Marble cladding on walls and metal accessories in gold or copper are right on trend. There has been a stylish revival of this ‘70s aesthetic – brass has really become the most fashionable metal for the bathroom, and when paired with marble it makes a truly irresistible combination.


Play with geometry

A variation of geometric shapes inspired by the strong lines of architectural and structural elements has really come to the fore with regards to tiling and ceramic cladding. Hints of the Orient and the Mediterranean are being introduced in a modern and dynamic way in new trendy bathroom tile ranges. An example of this is the rising popularity of the hexagonal tiles used for wall and floor coverings.


Water efficiency

Water has always been a very precious commodity, but it is becoming a very high priority, especially in light of the severe water shortages we have been living through of late. Kyle notes that awareness of water shortages has made choosing sanitary ware that is water efficient a must:

You use more water in the bathroom than all the other rooms in your home combined. Choosing water-efficient options can save thousands of litres and lots of money in the long run. Water-efficient taps, double-flush cisterns, and low-flow showerheads all make a big impact on reducing your water consumption in the bathroom.

One innovative product is the ROCA W+W, which reuses the water from the basin to fill the cistern after filtering it – further reducing water consumption by up to 25%.

Smart storage

Adequate storage is essential in any bathroom space, and today, it takes on the role of being both functional and visually pleasing.bathroom-trends-storage

Deluxe showers

The trend is to replace the bath with a super luxurious and grand shower. From the shower walls, shower heads and faucets, you can customise your shower according to your budget and needs.


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