Making improvements to your kitchen – whether it’s a simple refresh or a big-ticket renovation – can place you at a major advantage.

Not only does it add value to your home, but it can also really improve the comfort and enjoyment of your cooking space. Here are seven great ways to add value to your kitchen.


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Colour it neutral

If your kitchen is currently a range of psychedelic shades, then you may want to consider toning it down.

Keep the colour scheme classic with a few neutral hues, especially on cabinets and walls.

Make sure that your colours suit your appliances, and then you can add other (more exciting) colours in the form of accessories.

It may seem boring to some, but it will make it much easier to one day sell your property.

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The perfect layout

The right design can help make even the tiniest kitchen work comfortably and efficiently. There must be enough room for cupboards and appliance doors to open fully, and the stove, sink, and fridge should be placed together.

“With dynamic space planning and customised storage solutions that cater to your personal situation and habits, daily use of your kitchen becomes effortless,” explains Niale van der Merwe of Easylife Kitchens Waterkloof.

“It’s essential to have everything when and where it’s needed, thanks to a specific preplanned layout.”

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Add an island

If you have room, add a hardworking island or mobile workstation.

It extends your counter space and creates an extra storage facility. Plus, if it has an overhang, it makes for a lovely breakfast bar.

Look at your lighting

“Lighting can instantly change the mood and feel of a room,” says Niale. “The right pendant will add to the overall design, but there must also be enough functional lighting where needed.”

Hang pendants above your breakfast bar or kitchen island for added task lighting – the bigger your island, the larger your pendant or arrangement of lights should be.

“Remember that a kitchen is more than just a work area, it’s also a spot for gathering, entertaining guests, and relaxing together as a family,” explains Niale. “Think of the atmosphere you’d like to create as this will inform your choices.”


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Keep your herbs where you need them

One sure way to add value to your kitchen is to introduce a built-in herb garden. Imagine cooking your evening meal and having fresh herbs right where you need them.

“A sunken or built-in herb box not only makes cooking more enjoyable, but it also adds a stunning natural element to the decor of the kitchen,” says Niale.

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Create your own drinks station

“With the kitchen becoming more and more like the main entertainment hub of the home, a coffee or cocktail station can be both a fun and functional addition,” says Niale.

Choose an area with cupboards or shelf space for storing cups and glasses, then add and arrange all the necessary accessories.

If you’re a serious wine drinker, you could even go as far as to invest in a wine fridge or built-in cellar.

Update your appliances

Add value to your kitchen by checking that all of your appliances are in good working order. If they are broken and can’t be repaired, it’s time to replace them with the latest smart gadgets. “With smartphones simplifying our lives, we can now expect the same from our appliances,” explains Niale. “Now you can start your oven on your way home from the office and even check in on the food inside.”

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Compiled by Claire Badenhorst.

Additional words: Niale van der Merwe, Easylife Kitchens.

Originally published by Woman&Home.