When it comes to picking the perfect coffee table, there are many things to consider. With so many styles, shapes and materials it’s easy to get lost in choice.

Coffee and side tables are often last on the list when furnishing your home, yet they are two of the most functional and useful elements in a living area.

By adding a simple accent table, you can completely change the look and feel of any room within your home.

How to select functional coffee and side tables

Square/rectangular and round pieces offer the most flexibility, while oval tables tend to be space-specific and date quite quickly.

Coffee tables that offer storage are always practical, and side tables with a shelf or drawer allow for the storage of those cumbersome remotes.


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Instead of a large rectangular coffee table, look at the option of round coffee tables with a sleek finish. This ivory coffee table blends glass, brass and concrete in an elegant design.

A round table is not only practical in a space, but it also offers a child-friendly alternative.

coffee table

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Ivory coffee table. @home. R12 999

It’s also important to consider the height of your coffee table. The right dimensions for your new table should depend mainly on the height of the sofa you choose to pair it with.

Side tables

If your place is small, side tables for holding small items and ottomans for footrests may suffice.

Good coffee table materials for small areas include acrylic, glass, metal and mirrored surfaces that reflect light and make the room look bigger.

Rectangular or oval coffee tables have less impact on traffic flow than square or round ones.

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Free form side table. R1 349. @home


 side table

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Decide whether you want your style piece to blend in or stand out.

To blend in, it should be in a style that matches the decor of your room and the other furniture.

You can find sets of matching coffee and side tables in many styles.

If you want your coffee table to stand out, pick a contrasting style, material, colour or shape.

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