Among the many benefits of keeping houseplants indoors, their decorative value is one of the most well-known. And with so much variety among houseplants, it’s easy to choose plants that perfectly match the style of your home. These 5 options are great for minimalist interiors, whether you’re after a simple look or something that needs little attention.

Rubber Plant


The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is an easier-to-care-for relative of the fiddle leaf fig, perfect for filling empty spaces. Its glossy leaves create visual interest wherever they are placed, but look particularly good in living rooms. It thrives in sunny spots with morning direct sun and afternoon shade but can also grow in moderate to bright indirect light. Look for unique cultivars like ‘Abidjan’ or ‘Tineke’ for a pop of colour.

Peace Lily


The peace lily, a member of the Araceae plant family, epitomizes minimalism with its simple appearance, captivating blooms, and low maintenance needs. These popular gifting plants have glossy green leaves that suit minimalist interiors and produce iconic spadix flowers under optimal light conditions. Overwatering is a common issue, so ensure proper drainage and allow soil to dry slightly before watering.

ZZ Plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant, is perfect for minimalists due to its distinct look and ease of care. With glossy leaves along arching stems, it thrives in a wide range of conditions, including low light, low humidity, and limited nutrients. Avoid soggy soil and water only when almost dry. Interesting cultivars like Raven, with dramatic almost-black leaves, are perfect for minimalist interiors.

Jade Plant


This succulent has thick stems and water-storing leaves, requiring minimal watering compared to tropical houseplants. With a unique appearance combining structural branches and soft succulent leaves, it complements minimalist interiors well. Requiring a bit of extra sunlight and limited watering, jade plants are among the easiest plants to maintain.

Bird of Paradise


The bird of paradise, or Strelitzia, is well known to South Africans and trending as a houseplant around the world, grown for its massive arching leaves. Its distinctive orange and blue blooms resemble birds, although they don’t often flower indoors where lighting conditions aren’t quite right. They can easily grow to ceiling height, making a stunning impact in empty corners with minimal effort.

Featured image: Scott Webb via Unsplash