Although most of us wouldn’t think twice about making sure big ticket items like our cars and homes are insured, have you ever stopped to think about how much you would lose if your handbag was stolen?

Luckily, Discovery offers cover for your handbag and its contents included in its Comprehensive Home Insurance plans. Here’s why we think that’s a really great idea.

Your handbag is worth a lot more than you think

We asked Miss Teen South Africa 2019 Kayla Wright, as well as some of our team members, to work out the value of the contents of their bags. Most of them were completely surprised when they realised it all added up to more than R12 000 (or closer to R25 000 for people with designer bags and the latest smart phones)!

See what’s inside Miss Teen SA’s handbag and her reaction to the grand total.

Take a minute to think about everything that’s in your handbag and how much it would cost to replace all of those things. Between your sunglasses, wallet (plus all those cards), emergency make-up, keys and even that fancy hand cream you splurged on, it adds up quickly.

Imagine the inconvenience!

Most of us don’t have R12 000 just lying around, so you probably wouldn’t be able to replace everything in your handbag all at once. But the reason you had all of those things in your bag in the first place is because you use them all the time. You probably can’t be without your phone for a day, never mind the few weeks it might take you to replace it.

 You use it every day

The more regularly you use something, the more likely it is to be lost, damaged or stolen. Now think about how often you use your handbag and everything that’s in it. Every day, right? That’s why if you’re going to insure anything at all, it should be your bag!

They’re really, really easy to steal

The unfortunate truth is that handbags are an easy target for criminals. Bag thieves can snatch a bag off your shoulder or out of your car before you even realise what’s happening.

Home insurance only covers things inside your home

You might think that you have home insurance so your possessions (including your bag) are properly insured, but you need to check if you have portable possessions insurance too. If you only have home contents insurance, as soon as you take those ‘contents’ out of your home, they aren’t covered.

Discovery’s affordable Comprehensive Home Insurance offers additional cover for portable possessions like your handbag – even if it’s stolen from your unattended car! Plus you can adjust your excess to suit your needs. Click here to get a home insurance quote in 60 seconds.