The festive season is a period where many people spend their time outdoors, exploring and just having fun with family and friends.

This is also a period when some people go on long-planned trips away from their place of residence to unwind and get ready for the new year.

While this period may be fun and exciting, people need to be careful enough to secure their homes before going away on holiday or going out to places of fun, as those who force their way into people’s homes may invite themselves in if they see a chance.

Insurance, financial and healthcare provider Discovery shares a few tips for those who might be travelling these holidays.

  • Do not store any jewellery or valuables in your home while you’re away. Instead, use a safety deposit box that will not be in clear view.
  • Always stop and make sure you have double-checked that all windows are shut, the doors are locked and that the alarm is switched on before you head out on vacation or a night out.
  • Don’t leave a spare key under a doormat or anywhere you might think is safe. If you need to leave your keys behind, Discovery suggests you leave them with a family member or a trusted neighbour.
  • Inform your trusted neighbour/s when you will be away so that they may keep an eye on movements around your house. You may also want to ask them to pick up any mail or newspapers in clear view as that signals there’s no person around, says security barrier manufacturer Trellidor.


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