Finding the perfect place for your book collection can be a challenge, especially for avid readers. Whether your library rivals the local bookstore or you just have a few treasured volumes, organising your books in an aesthetically pleasing way is key.

Here are five book storage solutions, inspired by interior designers according to an article published on Martha Stewart Living, that are both functional and stylish, ensuring your collection is always accessible and beautifully displayed.

1. Transform a blank wall

Design Tip: Use a full wall for a bookshelf

A blank wall can be a perfect canvas for your book collection. Take inspiration from the designers at Outline Interiors and install a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Fill it with your favourite reads and accentuate it with plants, personal mementos, pottery, and more. For a clean and organised look, try colour-coding the books. This method not only creates a visually appealing display but also makes finding your next read a breeze.

5 beautiful book storage ideas that double as decor


2. Opt for an optical illusion

Design Tip: Create the appearance of stacked books

If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, consider a bookshelf that creates the illusion of stacked books. This style allows books to be piled atop one another while clever dividers keep them neatly separated. This setup is both eye-catching and practical, making it easy to grab your current read without disturbing the rest of the stack.

3. Build a custom built-in

Design Tip: Integrate a built-in bookshelf for a classic look

A built-in bookshelf is a timeless solution that can give any room a touch of elegance. Brad Ramsey of Brad Ramsey Interiors designed a stunning built-in that turns a simple wall into a personal library. Adding a gold library ladder not only enhances the aesthetic but also ensures that books on the top shelves are within reach. This design elevates the space while keeping your collection organised.

Beautiful book storage ideas that double as décor


4. Utilise your kitchen island

Design Tip: Incorporate book storage into kitchen furniture

For those with a substantial cookbook collection, integrating a book nook into your kitchen island can be incredibly functional. Angeline Hall, principal designer at Angeline Guido Design, emphasises the importance of accessibility and style in the kitchen. By designing an open-faced shelving section in her own kitchen island, Hall ensures her cookbooks are always at hand and beautifully displayed. This practical addition transforms a functional space into a culinary haven.

5. Create a book stand

Design Tip: Use books to fashion an end table

Overflowing with coffee table books? Use them to create a unique and stylish book stand. Interior designer Avery Cox demonstrates this by stacking books on a wooden step ladder, using the top to hold a reading lamp beside a chaise lounge. This inventive approach not only solves storage issues but also adds an eclectic touch to the room.

5 Beautiful book storage ideas that double as décor


These five ideas show that book storage doesn’t have to be boring. By combining functionality with design, you can create beautiful spaces that showcase your literary collection while enhancing your home decor.

Whether you’re looking to fill a blank wall or incorporate books into unexpected places, these tips from top interior designers will inspire you to reimagine your book storage solutions.


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