We chat to Alon Sachs, who with his brother Aviv, introduced the concept of contemporary weatherproof furniture to South Africa

How did you get into this business?
When we couldn’t find good quality, beautifully designed, low maintenance outdoor furniture suitable for the South African climate, my brother Aviv and I started Mobelli Furniture + Living. We decided to source furniture that would last and would not cost more than it should. With the same goal in mind, we recently included indoor furniture in our offering.

You’ve just opened a new concept Mobelli Furniture + Living showroom in Paarden Eiland in Cape Town. What was the reason for this?
Too many contemporary ranges require custom design and are made to order. At our new showroom, the furniture is available off the floor. We also saw a gap in the market for furniture that has removable covers yet still looks fully upholstered.

What does this new showroom offer?
It’s designed to inspire. Each room setting has been curated to reflect a real interior space with the furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories all chosen by interior designer Sam Lurie, to work together. This way customers can shop the entire look, almost as if they have an interior designer at their fingertips.

What décor trends do you predict for 2018?
We see mid-century modern design accents, geometric lines and mixing of materials such as marble and wood. We’re also seeing cloud-like pillowy sofas coming through.

What current trend is your favourite?
I love practical, hassle free furniture, especially couches which are meant to be used and enjoyed without worrying about marks.

What’s your décor style in three words?
Contemporary, clean-lined, retro.

If you weren’t in this business, what would you be doing instead?
Directing movies in Hollywood.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I’m inspired by so many people around me – it’s hard to pinpoint. I love people who go back to basics. Get the basics right and everything will fall into place.

Which do you prefer – Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and why?
I prefer Instagram, it’s a visual platform. This visceral appeal is why I believe our audience is interacting with design and interiors content.

Favourite item in your home right now?
My bed – this is where the entire family gathers in the morning or at night prior to everyone going to sleep (in their own beds).

Your guilty pleasure?
Cycling. It can easily eat into business time. I start very early in the morning, but if it’s a beautiful day, I’ll get to the office late.