Pack your dad off safely on a great adventure with this 4×4 camping kit worth R1 500.

Perfect for off-road enthusiasts and campers alike, this Lasher camping kit has all the tools you’ll need for an outdoor experience.

The camping kit includes:

1 x camping spade

1 x Latin machete

1 x 900g hatchet

1 x bow hacksaw

1 x crowbar

1 x Suregrip claw hammer

Ideal for making a firepit and transferring hot coals, the spade can also be used to dig vehicles out of sand or mud. Cut branches with the bow hacksaw and chop logs with the 900g hatchet. Use the machete to cut long grass and firm up muddy pathways. Use the crowbar to lift up rocks embedded in the road or campsite and the hammer to knock in tent pegs. And it all comes in a handy canvas carry bag.

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