Celebrate World Baking Day on 17 May 2019 with GLAD who’s ready to help you every step of the way

Baking is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family. Show you care by making a double batch and sharing with those less fortunate or in need of a little love. With so many uses, GLAD is a wonderful kitchen companion, brilliant for baking and exceptional for storage.

 Each hamper includes:

1 x packet Ice Cube bags (8)

1 x packet Zip Seal® Resealable Snack Bags Mini 150 x 90mm (30)

1 x packet Oven Bags Medium 250 x 400mm (10)

1 x packet Zip Seal® Resealable Freezer Bags Large 250 x 320 mm (10)

1 x Glad Bake and Cooking Paper 5m x 300mm

1 x Glad perforated Cling Wrap 50m x 33cm

  • GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper is a no-fuss, non-stick baking and cooking paper that means you can cook without the need for oil or grease. As it withstands temperatures up to 230°C, it’s ideal for microwave and convection ovens.
  • Glad Press ‘n Seal® is perfect for packing baked treats for storage or delivery as it combines the many benefits of wraps, foils, and food storage bags or containers.
  • GLAD Press ‘n Seal®Wrap seals surfaces including plastic, paper, wood, metal, Styrofoam® containers and glass.
  • GLAD Zip Seal bags can be used to separate and portion ingredients to make baking that much easier for children, so each can have their own baking kit. They are also great for dividing cookies and treats into packs to share or store for later.

All GLAD products are designed to keep your food fresh for longer. GLAD – Saving good food from going bad.

Visit glad.co.za for more information and follow ‘GLAD SOUTH AFRICA’ on Facebook for handy product tips.

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