Art curator Botho Project Space recently announced its latest offering, A Place Called Home, showcasing the works of award-winning contemporary visual artist Trevor Stuurman. The much-anticipated first solo exhibition by Stuurman will officially open on 20 May and will run until 19 June 2022 in Johannesburg.

A Place Called Home is where Trevor Stuurman’s story and journey come alive. He places himself within the exhibition by personifying various themes and installations, all created to live throughout the home that is created by Botho Project Space, with furniture and homeware from Weylandts. Home is the foundation of Stuurman’s life, constantly choosing to create his understanding of the world he sees through his own familiarity.

Set in a home in Parktown West, the idea behind the exhibition is to re-create a space where people relive their own Sundays at home, the special memories and moments that make these days sacred in any South African home.

Narrated through the lens of Stuurman, the exhibition is an expression of ‘home’, a concept very close to his heart. Evoking the nostalgic feeling of a loved one waking you up at the first light of dawn, dipping into a warm bath, scrubbing the weekend away and stepping out in your Sunday best.

“Home is the place where we surrender to our vulnerability. A space meant for people to be moulded and ultimately thrive in. It’s where humans discover their own version of comfort, solace and meaning. Home is a place where one is known. Home is also the centre point that allows us to navigate the world,” affirms Stuurman.

Stuurman has collaborated with leading furniture and homeware retailer Weylandts to infuse the exhibition with authentic design, using many of the same pieces the artist has in his own home.

“As a lifestyle brand, we recognise the importance of storytelling. We understand that humans are shaped by their environments, so we encourage people to celebrate their personal style and tell their story when creating their home sanctuaries. The rich narratives that come from this deserve to be shared. Our collaboration with Trevor Stuurman allows us to celebrate his unique style, while demonstrating how design can influence the way we live,” says Weylandts Founder Chris Weylandt of the collaboration.

“Home is more than just four walls,” continues Weylandt. “A house becomes a home as spaces are navigated, emotions are felt and personal style is expressed. The home is therefore the perfect blank canvas for life’s stories to emerge.”

Born in Kimberley, Trevor Stuurman unpacks how the home he was born into is a theme that translates into everything he creates and filters into the spaces he occupies. His eye is attracted to things that resemble, and ultimately encompass the feeling of home.

With a true reflection of home and all it has to offer, bespoke experiences themed SUNDAY BEST will be produced to run alongside the month-long exhibition. Combining art, music and food, the experiences will take place every Sunday and will include a series of curated dining experiences by a selection of top South African chefs, paired with local musicians who will serenade guests. Attendees get to dress in their SUNDAY BEST, gather around the table with their loved ones and enjoy amazing conversation, food and music.



DATE:               20 May – 19 June
TIME:               11am – 5pm (Weekdays) and 10am – 5pm (Saturdays)
ADDRESS:       26 Rhodes Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
PRICE:               R50.00, click here to get your tickets online



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