The pros of slip covers

Editor Mary Jane Harris believes that slip covers are still one of the most useful decorating tools

I recently read an interview with an upholsterer who said that slip covers were not as popular as they used to be. I was quite surprised as I’ve always found that in addition to being extremely practical, slip covers possess invaluable powers of disguise.

I’ve used slip covers to turn ugly, old-fashioned cane chairs into comfortable-looking additions to the living room.

And given hard-looking veneered dining chairs a much more elegant appearance with simple linen slip covers.

As slip covers look more casual, you can use them to tone down a too formal room as well as create a comfortable, come-and-sit-here atmosphere as in the example below.

They can also be used on headboards and if you use a different fabric on each side, you can change the look of your bedroom just by swapping it around.

On the practical side, especially if you have children and dogs, slip covers can be popped into the wash the minute they start looking grubby. Just make sure the fabric is washable and pre-shrunk before making up.

Slip covers work particularly well for dining room chairs. Here are some examples in mini to maxi lengths:

Decor by Classic Revivals

Decor by Amanda Walters

Decor by Tiggs Crozet

Ottomans can also be instantly updated with fresh slip covers as shown below.

Photographed at Abbey Guesthouse

A great idea to introduce colour and pattern and give an ordinary square table a new look is to give it a tailored slip cover topped with a piece of glass cut to size.

Decor by Suttie Marais Designs

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