Getting your plants spring ready doesn’t have to be a mission. Here are some potting tips that will have you potting like a pro!


Container plants need to be fed regularly as the nutrients wash out faster. Use a dry organic fertiliser every three to four months and a liquid organic fertiliser every month. 

Containers also dry out more quickly and need to be watered more often than plants in the ground. Get into the habit of checking regularly. Installing an irrigation system, such as drip pipes wound through the boxes, will ensure you don’t kill your plants. 


Wheels up

If the container is large and you plan to move it, put wheels underneath it before filling. 

New heights

Create varying heights by using different size containers or by raising them up on bricks and  blocks of wood. This helps increase airflow, reducing disease.

Drainage Do’s

When using wooden boxes, place them on bricks so water can drain away.

Drainage don’ts

Adding stones to the bottom of containers doesn’t increase drainage – it just makes them heavier and reduces the amount of growing medium. Rather add a layer of recycled sponges over the drainage holes.