New Year’s Revolution

“New Year’s resolutions are so last year,” says junior stylist Monica Mtshemla

I was in high school when I realised that this “making New Year’s resolutions” business was not going to work (mainly because by March I’d already forgotten what my resolutions were). This trend of forgetting and remembering and not achieving carried on for some years until I sat myself down and said: “self, this isn’t going to work. We need to go back to the drawing board.” I made the conscious decision to not make any more resolutions. I decided that if I was going to live the best life I can I instead needed to make internal changes which is when I thought; why not just make a complete change? A New Year’s Revolution!

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I fondly recall my dad telling me, at age 12, that change is good and I’ve kept that close to my heart ever since.

Making a revolution has very little to do with appearance but rather with experiences. In 2014, my friends and I set out to do as much as we wanted to do and not giving anything a second thought. Next year I would like to continue on that path. There are so many things going on around us that it becomes so easy to lose sight of self; there’s bills to be paid and relationships to be tended to and dates to meet and cars to fix and traffic to sit through and supper to prepare, it can all get a bit much right?

It’s important to take time out for yourself and do things that will fill you with joy. It’s time for a revolution against self-neglect and time to make a full rotation.

Plant it up: Gardening is a very therapeutic practice and although I haven’t started planting anything yet, this post will plant the seed to get things started. I can only imagine the pleasure one must gain from knowing that what’s growing in your backyard and kitchen windowsill is what’s going back into your bodies.

  • Hanging planters, Bloc Outdoor.
  • Herb planters, Le Creuset.

See the world: I’ve had wanderlust ever since I left school. The urge to travel and see what else is out there is so strong that I could combust if I give it too much thought. Travelling is such an important thing to do, and though pockets might not always agree, a little saving over a few years won’t hurt. If you have kids, travel with your kids, show them what a big world we have, and travelling can also mean taking a Sho’t Left here in South Africa first and familiarising yourself with your beautiful country. The Travel Book, from Exclusive Books, allows you to see the world from the comfort of your own home.

Dine in: Prepare a hearty meal for family and friends at home. These two Andrew Dominic items will come in handy when hosting. The carafes with oak stoppers make for great decanters, and the trivets, although used for warm pots, could make interesting placemats.

Switch it up: Purchase cushions with different designs to mix things up and change the look of your home as you please.

  • Scatter cushion- pretty feminine range, Woolworths.
  • Scatter cushion- contemporary artisan range, Woolworths.

Switch it off: Even on days when Eish-kom behaves and you actually have lights in your home, switch them off and light some candles, whether you’re having supper or simply enjoying a conversation with your kids.

  • Muuto The More the Merrier candle holder, Entrepo.

Wash it out: There are few things more pleasurable than a shower or bath after a long day. Invest in an oversized showerhead that will tend to all the areas of your body at once and soothe the muscles. Besides that, an oversized showerhead is a great look!

  • Hansgrohe raindance AIR showerhead, ItalTile.

Bring it in: A good read is a great way to spend time with yourself.

  • Book- Bandiet Out of Jail by Hugh Lewin, Exclusive Books.

Paint it out: I did art as a subject in high school so this is something I could definitely do more of in the new year.

Capture it: Investing in a good camera is definitely something I have to do. Having a camera on my phone is simply not enough.
Diana F explorer nocturne lomography camera, Lomography.

Walk it out: We forget how beneficial it is to stretch those legs and breathe in some fresh air. Walking should be something we do every day (no, not the walk from the couch to the fridge), trail walking and city walking (even bike riding) is an activity we should all look into.

  • Main Street Walks tour, Maboneng Precinct.

Sleep in: As John Wildsmith said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” Buy some good bedding and a comfortable mattress.

  • Feather and down inner, Mr Price Home.