Make a Flower Crown for Garden Day | SA Garden and Home
Last updated on 7 Dec 2018

Garden Day takes place on 21 October this year, and we’re planning to celebrate in style.

Flower crowns are a beautiful phenomenon that have taken the world by storm. Wearing the fun and colourful accessory is a great way to show off your garden blooms. Pick a few flowers from the garden (or you can purchase a few at MultiFlora) and make your own with Suzelle DIY’s easy guide.




For most of the year, we work hard on our gardens, planting, watering, weeding and mulching. Garden Day is a time to put down that spade, invite family and friends around, kick back and celebrate your garden with them. This year it takes place on Sunday 21 October.

We’re preparing for Garden Day with MultiFlora! Join us for for creative ideas on how to celebrate Garden Day 2018. Book Tickets Now.

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