An anonymous donation is breathing new life into Muizenberg Park as the Friends of Muizenberg Park (FOMP) embark on a restoration project to revive key attractions within the beloved green space.

Led by chairperson Nicci Giles, FOMP has already begun efforts to clear alien vegetation from the park, with plans to restore Peck’s Stream and the pond behind the old clubhouse.

The restoration will see the replacement of exotic plants with indigenous fynbos, paying homage to the area’s historical roots.

Peck’s Stream, named after the Peck Brothers, early commercial settlers in Muizenberg, holds a significant place in the park’s history.

Community involvement has been central to the project, with FOMP organising various events over the years to foster a sense of ownership and stewardship among residents.

Collaborating with the Muizenberg Improvement District and the Muizenberg Historical Society, FOMP has developed a comprehensive plan to restore the park to its former glory.

John Venn, a member of FOMP, emphasised the importance of reintroducing wetland fynbos to restore the critically endangered Cape Lowland freshwater wetland ecosystem.

The clearing of exotic plants will pave the way for the replanting of indigenous flora, ensuring the stream’s ongoing health.

The City’s Recreation and Parks Department has welcomed the initiative, recognising the benefits of removing invasive species to improve water quality and flow.

Mayoral committee member Patricia van der Ross highlighted the positive impact on the ecosystem, noting that indigenous species would be planted to achieve restoration.

While the City has approved phase one of the project, subsequent phases will require environmental and heritage approval.

For many, Muizenberg Park holds memories that span generations.

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Article originally written and published by Jules Keohane for Cape {town} Etc.

Feature image: Friends of Muizenberg Park / Facebook