Five fencing ideas we love

Diane Peacock, chief gardening sub-editor takes a look at selecting fencing


It’s always exciting planning a renovation, and I have this outbuilding I’d like to update into a garden cottage. One of the things I’ll need to do is screen it off, not only for privacy, but the better the view from the windows, the more appealing the space. As this is more for aesthetic rather than security purposes, there’s room for indulgence with no consideration for unsightly barbed wire or electrical fencing. Brick walls aren’t necessary here – so I’m exploring other more appealing options. I also fancy something fairly romantic.

Artist Margot Gawith’s Cape Town garden (featured in our March 2015 issue) is full of surprises. She had this clever idea of placing a circular mirror in a frame in a gate set in a brightly coloured fence so it not only reflects light, but makes the garden appear larger.

Fencing Source: Garden and Home Photograph Marianne Alexander [[email protected]]

I love the simplicity of this fence made from latte poles in this garden in Kirstenbosch Drive designed by Carrie Latimer for Heimo Schulzer Gardens. Despite their rustic appearance they look so elegant with this grand set of gates.

Fencing 2
Source: Heimo Schulzer Gardens

Trellis fencing is another attractive choice and can be constructed in numerous ways using different shapes, and it can also be moved about. Fronted by a mix of your favourite plants and other things like pots and gravel, you can create a wonderful view.

Fencing 3
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

And because you can see through it, trellis lends a sense of spaciousness and is relatively easy to install. Whatever style you choose, you can dress it with pretty climbing plants to achieve a great view from both sides.

Fencing 4
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Hedging can have great charm and does provide security although it can take a while to establish. The use of evergreen buxus hedging in this French-inspired garden designed by Australian Peter Fudge is perfection. My garden is too small for something exactly like this; I would need to tailor it a lot, but nevertheless I find the clean lines and neat edging so inspiring.

Fencing 5
Source: Peter Fudge 

Fencing 6
Source: Peter Fudge

Wooden picket fencing is neat and simple, and covered with an evergreen climber or suitable plant like this large-bloomed rose, is bound to produce a beautiful view from the living room – not to mention an air of romance.

Fencing 7
Source: Amelia Pasolini