Along South Africa’s Garden Route, George offers a treasure trove of remarkable experiences. With its unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness and adventurous spirit, it’s no wonder that visitors are drawn to uncover the best things to do in George.

The town is cradled by the Outeniqua Mountains and bordered by the Indian Ocean, offering a stunning backdrop to a wide variety of activities. Here, every corner you turn leads to a new story, a new adventure and an opportunity to create memories.

From exploring the rich heritage of the Outeniqua Transport Museum, soaking in the atmosphere of the Outeniqua Family Market, to immersing yourself in the tranquillity of the Garden Route Botanical Gardens, each day in George brings something exciting to discover.

Here’s a carefully curated guide to the top things to do in George.

1. Outeniqua Transport Museum

Outeniqua Transport Museum - Things to do in George

Picture: Facebook / @Besembek et alia

For history buffs and train enthusiasts, a visit to the Outeniqua Transport Museum is one of the memorable things to do in George, Western Cape. The museum houses a wide collection of vintage steam locomotives and carriages. Providing a glimpse into the history of South African railways, the museum weaves a narrative of technological advancements over the years. It’s a perfect spot to stimulate young minds about the fascinating world of trains, making it a fun learning experience.

Location: 2 Mission Road, Levallia, George, 6530
Contact: 044 801 8289
Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 4.30pm | Saturdays and Public Holidays: 8.00am to 2.00pm

2. Outeniqua Family Market

Outeniqua Family Market - @Outeniqua Family Market

Picture: Facebook / @Outeniqua Family Market

Every Saturday, local vendors gather to offer a variety of fresh produce, homemade delicacies and artisanal crafts at the Outeniqua Family Market. Here, you can experience a slice of something locally made and enjoy the warmth of the Garden Route hospitality.

Location: N2, George, 6530
Contact: 082 465 2952
Opening times: Saturdays: 8.00am to 2pm

3. Redberry Farm

Picture: Redberry Farm

Rainy day in George? Don’t fret. Redberry Farm has got you covered. Among the indoor things to do in George when it rains, their strawberry greenhouse is a popular choice. Here, you can pick your own strawberries, irrespective of the weather. Additionally, their large hedge maze and a mini train ride through the strawberry fields guarantee fun for the whole family, regardless of the weather conditions.

Location: Geelhoutboom Road, Blanco, George, 6530
Contact: 044 870 7123
Opening times: Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 4pm


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4. Outeniqua Power Van

Outeniqua Power Van - Things to do in George

Picture: Facebook / @Powervan OPV

Add a thrilling touch to your trip by exploring things to do in George and surrounding areas on the Outeniqua Power Van. This railbus takes you on an exciting journey through the Outeniqua Mountains. As the van chugs along, you will be treated to lush vegetation, traversing through tunnels and bridges, all while savouring the breathtaking views of the Outeniqua Mountains.

Location: Mission Street, Eastern Extension, George, 6529
Contact: 082 490 5627 | [email protected]
Opening times: Monday to Sunday: 9.00am to 12pm

5. Garden Route Botanical Gardens

Garden Route Botanical Gardens - Things to do in George

Picture: Facebook / @The Wilderness Hotel

If you are searching for romantic things to do in George, a visit to the Garden Route Botanical Gardens should be on your list. Wander along the garden paths hand-in-hand, learn about the diverse indigenous flora, and steal a quiet moment or two amid scenic spots. It’s a perfect spot for couples to reconnect with nature and each other.

Location: 51 Caledon Street, Campher’s Drift, George, 6529
Contact: 044 874 1558
Opening times: Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 5.00pm

6. Victoria Bay

Top 20 Things to Do in George

Victoria Bay is one of the must-visit places for those seeking beach-side things to do in George, Cape Town. Known for its beautiful beaches, Victoria Bay invites relaxation and adventure. Take a dip in the sparkling ocean, catch a wave for an invigorating surf, or unwind on the pristine sand at the beach. Keep an eye out for the playful dolphins and majestic whales that often make an appearance in the bay.

Location: Situated approximately 3km from George and 6km from Wilderness, travelling from George to Knysna on the N2

7. Herold Wines

Things to Do in George - Herold Wines

Picture: Facebook / @Herold Wines

If you’re someone who relishes wine tastings, a visit to Herold Wines should top your list. Considered a premier activity in George, South Africa, this vineyard organises informative and enjoyable wine-tasting sessions. Here, you get the opportunity to savour an array of locally crafted wines, understand the intricate wine-making process, and acknowledge the expertise involved in creating each exquisite bottle.

Location: Montague Pass Afguns River Herold, 6615
Contact: 072 833 8223 | [email protected]
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30am to 4pm

8. Wonki Ware

Things to Do in George - Wonki Ware

Picture: Facebook / @Wonki Ware

If you are on the hunt for unique memorabilia that don’t require a hefty investment, Wonki Ware should be on your itinerary. Touted as a cost-effective experience in George, this boutique houses a plethora of handcrafted pottery. Each creation stands out with its distinct design, reflecting the expert craftsmanship of the maker. This shop is an ideal place to find exceptional gifts for loved ones, or perhaps a precious keepsake for yourself.

Location: 42 York Street, George South, George, 6530
Contact: 044 884 1883
Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm | Saturday: 8.30am to 2pm

9. Old Toll House Montagu Pass

Things to Do in George - Old Toll House Montagu Pass

Picture: Facebook / @The Old Toll House Montagu Pass

Step into a world of historical allure with a visit to the Old Toll House at Montagu Pass. Once serving as a vital point for the collection of toll fees, this charming stone structure grants a captivating peek into the area’s bygone era. With its attractive architectural design and the panoramic views it offers of the surrounding pastoral landscape, a trip here is undoubtedly a highlight when exploring George and Wilderness.

Location: Malgaekraal Farm, N9, George, 6530
Contact: 083 772 8252
Opening times: Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 1pm | Saturday to Sunday: 9.00am to 2pm


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10. Seven Passes Road

Things to Do in George - Seven Passes Road

Picture: Facebook / @SA Country Life

For those passionate about extensive road trips, the Seven Passes Road fits the bill perfectly. Previously serving as a critical conduit between George and Knysna, this pathway proffers a picturesque drive amid lush environs. The awe-inspiring lookout points along the route mark it as a top-tier experience in Knysna and George.

Location: Seven Passes Road, Wilderness

11. Montagu Pass and Outeniqua Pass

Things to Do in George - Montagu Pass and Outeniqua Pass

Picture: Facebook / @The Wilderness Hotel

Venturing through these mountain passes promises a thrilling journey. The rough topography, adorned with vibrant wildflowers and verdant greenery, sets a stunning stage for these serpentine routes. The spectacular panorama of the valleys beneath are some of the finest in the region, positioning these passes as exceptional experiences around George.

12. Wild Wings Safaris

Experience South Africa’s diverse wildlife and natural beauty with Wild Wings Safaris. As a reputable tour operator, they offer guided safari trips in the Garden Route and beyond. It’s a must-do experience for wildlife enthusiasts looking for adventurous things to do in George.

Location: 36 Akasia Street, George
Contact: 044 871 4070
Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 5pm

13. Botanical Garden Indigenous Nursery

Plant enthusiasts will find the Botanical Garden Indigenous Nursery captivating. It specialises in indigenous South African plants and features a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Visitors can learn about the local flora and even pick up a few plants to take home.

Location: 49 Caledon Street, Campher’s Drift, George, 6529

14. Outeniqua Nature Reserve

The Outeniqua Nature Reserve is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of outdoor activities. Hike the nature trails, spot local wildlife or simply enjoy the tranquil surroundings. This is one of the most recommended things to do in George for nature lovers.

Location: Montagu Pass, South Africa

15. Cape Palette Art & Picture Framing

If art holds a special place in your heart, allocating time for the Cape Palette Art Gallery would be time well spent. Showcasing pieces from artists in the local and regional sphere, the gallery allows a peek into the richness of South African artistic culture. This is a splendid activity to undertake in George, whether you’re an established art aficionado or a casual admirer.

Location: 34 Airway Road, Heather Park, George, 6529
Contact: 082 439 5871
Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday: 8.00am to 5pm | Friday:8.00am to 3pm | Saturday: 9.00am to 12pm

16. Visit The Moederkerk

Things to Do in George - Dutch Reformed Church

Picture: Facebook / @Moedergemeente George

As a prominent fixture in George, a visit to the Dutch Reformed Mother Church is highly recommended. The church distinguishes itself with its exquisite woodwork and vibrantly hued stained glass windows. The peaceful ambience provides a calming respite from urban hustle and bustle, while the church’s historical significance enriches your knowledge of the area’s history.

Location: Courtenay Street, Bodorp, George, 6530

17. St Mark’s Cathedral

St Mark’s Cathedral stands as a noteworthy historical edifice with architectural grandeur. The serene surrounding fosters a sense of tranquillity and reflection, while the cathedral’s architecture and history invite a deeper understanding of George’s past. This is among the rewarding things for couples to do in George, fostering a sense of shared experience and discovery.

Location: 59 Cathedral Street, George, 6529
Contact: 044 884 5251

18. Quad Biking (Bookings-only basis)

If adventure calls your name, quad biking should be on your list of things to do. Several tour operators in George offer this thrilling activity, enabling exploration of the area’s natural beauty on rugged trails. Experience the thrill of navigating the terrain, all while soaking in stunning views of the Garden Route. It’s an unforgettable adventure and one of the fun things to do in George.

Location: Montagu Pass Quad Trail, George
Contact: 082 066 1197 | [email protected]
Opening times: Monday to Saturday: 7.00am to 7pm
Cost: 35km Quad Biking Ride: R1 200 | 75km Quad Biking Ride: R1 800

George is a destination that combines history, culture, adventure and natural beauty into a seamless blend of memorable experiences.

The list of things to do in George caters to every type of traveller, making it a destination that never ceases to amaze. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature, delve into history, savour local flavours or embark on thrilling adventures, George offers it all and more.

The magic of this vibrant town lies not just in its attractions, but in the stories, smiles and memories that each visitor takes away. So, step into the wonder that is George and let this gem on the Garden Route unveil its treasures to you, one amazing experience at a time.


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Originally written for Getaway Magazine.