Planning a getaway over the festive season? Escape to a country that doesn’t require the hassle of applying for a visa. As of this year, South African passport holders can travel to 99 countries visa-free; this includes destinations with visa-on-arrival systems. To give yourself one less thing to worry about when planning your holiday, add these visa-free destinations to your bucket list.


As it has everything from lush jungles to incredible glaciers, Argentina feels like several countries in one. Make a note to go to Ushuaia or “The end of the world”, for the city’s breath-taking scenery. You’ll also want to see The Igauzu Falls, an Unesco World Heritage Site on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

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Did you know Botswana is also a visa-free destination you can visit? Get to know the country here.


Discover a wealth of culture in beautiful Indonesia. As popular tourist destination Bali, known for its healing and religious properties, is part of this country, it’s no surprise that Indonesia’s attractions also include the spiritual. Make your way to Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist sanctuary in the world, for a unique religious and cultural experience. Mount Bromo, a whimsical volcano surrounded by smoke and colourful skies, is another must-see.


This African country has a wealth of human and natural history thanks to its world heritage sites, an abundance wildlife and awe-inspiring rock art dating back thousands of years. It’s also a great destination for active adventure-seekers as it has many mountain climbing and hiking routes as well walking safaris where you can experience the wildlife up close and personal.


This island has more than stunning beaches and crystal clear sea. There are also amazing natural wonders and a great deal of culture to experience. A must-see is the seven-coloured earth of Chamarel which has sand dunes in seven different colours. Mauritius’ tea routes should be added to your itinerary too, tour the tea plantations and factories, and sample unique blends.

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As it is right on our country’s border, it’s worth taking a road trip to Namibia. A bonus? You can use South African rands when you get there. Rather than booking into a lodge or hotel, consider camping. It’s the best way to experience the country’s natural surroundings. Add the Namib desert, the world’s oldest, to your must-see list where the adventurous can enjoy sandboarding and the nature lovers the wildlife.


That’s right, you can visit the largest country in the world without a visa. Aside from Moscow’s Red Square and the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia boasts a wealth of picturesque and culture-rich tourist sites.  From the gold-topped Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow to the historic Mariinsky theatre in St Petersburg, you won’t be short of something to see.




Fast-growing Singapore is an architectural feast. Modern sky scrapers provide a stark contrast to colonial buildings and heritage shophouses that date back to the 1800s. The country is also a foodie’s dream, boasting food markets offering variety of local and fusion foods. Experience both the architecture and some of the best food Singapore has to offer at Lau Pa Sat, one of the oldest buildings in Singapore.

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