We’re making 2023 the year to seize every travel opportunity we can! Travel trends are now geared towards self-actualization and self-discovery, whilst we’re at it, we’re keeping the planet in mind.

Whether it’s catching a few quiet moments in an uncluttered space with incredible views, or it’s hitting the road (or rails) for a no-flight adventure, here are the travel trends that should be on your roster for 2023.

Traveling to expand

This year, travel is taking on an Eat, Pray Love moment. Travelers are looking for experiences that will help them uncover and rediscover their power. We’re visiting places where we know we’ll be safe, but we also want to be open to going somewhere new, where we can open ourselves up to deeper connections to people and cultures we wouldn’t usually encounter.

We’re also traveling to learn and better our knowledge. We’re skipping the tourist hotspots for destinations that will offer the opportunity to learn and acquire more knowledge about ourselves and our world. Whether it’s a cultural tour around your place of your ancestry, or a spiritual retreat in the Amazon’s basin, travellers are seeking the opportunity to expand their minds.

We’re going minimal and modular

This year, we just need a little peace and quiet. We don’t want to be frazzled by our surroundings, especially where we settle down to rest and relax.

When it comes to accommodation, we’re looking for peaceful spots that boast a soft, calm, minimalist atmosphere. We’re opting for interiors that makes use of modular furniture and minimal decor. We don’t need clutter to distract from the peace-of-mind we’re looking to achieve on our leisurely trip.

Cutting out the flights

As living sustainably becomes a priority for more people by the day, earth-friendly travel is on the rise. We’re cutting out short flights where we can, opting for train, buses and boats instead. Not only are these travel methods far more sustainable than zipping off on a quick flight, they all add to the adventure.

Who wouldn’t want to ride a wine tram across the Western Cape instead of taking a flight or driving? Plus, you’ll pay less for a bus or boat to ferry you where you need to be.

We’re on set right now…

By show of hands, how many of us want to visit Sicily after watching season 2 of The White Lotus? We want to live our Tanya Mcquoid dreams! I want to travel through narrowed streets on the back of a vespa and visit fancy Italian restaurants where I can gorge on giant bowls of shrimp pasta like Jennifer Coolidge did. Is that too much to ask?

Yes, this trend is all about visiting the set of your dreams. Obviously, your experience largely depends on the film you’ve got in mind, and where it was based. I don’t think any of us want to invite a Cabin In The Woods scenario, but we’d always be up for a trip like Walter Mitty once took.

All inclusive, but make it cute

We’re not talking about free hotel breakfasts, basking the holiday away by the poolside. No, if you want to go all-inclusive for duration of the trip, it needs to be worth it. We want to immerse ourselves in local culture, cuisine and tradition. If your accommodation is rootsy enough to pull all of that off in one offering, why not? Saves you the effort of planning your itinerary.

Along the electric highway

You can never go wrong when you hit the road with all of your favourites in tow. This is however not the friendliest option for the planet, which needs to deal with the brunt of high emissions. Unfortunately, every road trip comes with a carbon footprint. Unless…you travel by electric car?

As wildly unachievable as it is for most of us to just hop in our electric cars and jet off into the sunset, this travel trend is on the rise. If you are one of the few who have got access to an electric car, then it’s time for you to start planning your route. Make sure there are enough charging points available along the way!

Written by Savanna Douglas for Women&Home

Featured image: Robin Noguier via Unsplash