Cucumber growing season is upon us, and with so many interesting heirlooms to plant, it is one of the best veggies to cool you down this summer. One plant can produce so many cucumbers that it can be difficult to know what to do with them besides tossing them in a salad or on a sandwich. Give these suggestions a go with your harvest this summer.

Make Pickles

Whenever you have more harvested produce than you know what to do with, preservation should be the first thing on your mind. And with cucumbers, the best preservation method is certainly pickling. It may take a bit of extra effort, but your pickles will last much longer than they would kept fresh.

Botanical Garnish

Sunny summer cocktails and punches can benefit from a fresh slice of cucumber, either placed on the side of the glass or submerged as garnish. Freshen up your G&T or even add cucumbers to a glass of ice water to change it up a little.

Brighten Up Ice Blocks

Cut slices of cucumbers, roll them up and place them in an ice mould for colourful ice blocks that will be a hit all season. Pair with a few mint leaves and a couple of edible flowers for an even more interesting display.

Dehydrate Them

Chips or crisps are undoubtedly one of South Africa’s favourite snacks. With your cucumber harvest and the use of an oven or dehydrator, you can make your own healthy crisps at absolutely no cost. Dehydrate cucumber slices and top with sea salt and sesame seeds for a quick and easy snack.


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