Nothing beats the satisfying crunch from that first bite of cereal in the morning. In its many shapes, tastes and sizes, cereal is a staple in most households. It saves us the cooking a hot breakfast on a rushed morning, or the need to nibble on something in the middle of the morning.

Among the hundreds of cereals that line shelves in grocery stores, granola is one of the most versatile. It adds texture and flavour to all sorts of dishes, hot and cold. That’s why we want to celebrate granola on Cereal Day with these three recipes.

Blueberry granola smoothie

This filling smoothie is refreshing and delicious and will get your day off to a good start.

celebrate granola this cereal day

Granola and cranberry buttermilk rusks

There homemade rusks are healthy and wholesome. They’re the perfect pick-me-up treat.

celebrate granola on cereal day

Honey-baked granola with poached plums

With ginger and lemongrass, this granola recipe has a fresh taste you’ll love.

celebrate granola on cereal day