Time to unpack those age-old teacups and saucers and decorate your garden.

Teacup bird feeder

Step 1: Lay the teacup on its side with the handle facing up. Keep the cup off-centre to provide space for the seeds and for the birds to land.

Step 2: Secure to a saucer with epoxy.

Step 3: When the epoxy has been set (check the drying times on your chosen product’s packaging), tie a piece of twine or chain around the handle and hang it from a tree or awning.

Step 4: Fill with bird seeds and wait for your feathered friends to join you in the garden.

Did you know? Birds prefer different foods in different seasons. Put out energy-dense snacks in winter and spring – like suet balls – and some fresh, moisture-packed fruits in summer. 

Teacup planter

Step 1: Place your teacup upside down over an old towel or rag.

Step 2: Using a 10mm diamond drill bit, drill a drainage hole in the base of the cup. Start at a slight angle to wear down the outside and tilt upwards as you drill further into the cup.

Step 3: Flip the cup around, fill it with potting soil and plant your favourite plants.

Pro tip: Teacup planters dry out incredibly quickly. Choose succulents that are less thirsty or keep your planter in the kitchen where you will remember to water often.



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Feature image: Pexels

Originally written by Madison Moulton in the August 2022 edition of Garden&Home Magazine.