Pressed for space? Maybe you could try your hand at creating a vertical garden.

The issue of space has an easy solution with vertical gardening. You, too, can now transform your balcony into a thriving garden. If your balcony gets sufficient sun, there should be no reason not to start on your gardening journey. 

Ideas to set up a vertical garden

You will need to install a trellis structure for your garden climbers. You also may want to use high-rise beds for some of your garden grows. Hanging baskets are also an ideal feature to consider when setting up a vertical garden.

The idea is to find the utility of your vertical space in the absence of horizontal space.

Trellises and hanging baskets are a handy trick for the balcony garden. 

Plant-trailing vegetables

Veggies like tomatoes will be growing in trail formation and are great for the vertical garden.

You want to grow food that you love to eat and tomatoes are generally versatile and can be used in many different dishes.

You can also use green tomatoes to make a green tomato chutney. 

vertical garden

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Herbs are great for growing in a vertical garden as they are easy and no fuss.

They grow very well in small pots on your balcony, providing you with fresh herbs throughout the year.

Use your hanging pots to plant your herbs and make great use of the space.

Small vegetables like spinach and greens for your salads can also be grown in a vertical garden.

You want to make smart use of your limited space, so planting veggies with larger growth potential will not be practical in this type of garden.

Leafy greens

Plant leafy greens like lettuce and spinach in your vertical garden to make the most out of the space you have.

Leafy greens grow fast and can be harvested as seedlings to be used in a salad. 

These tend to be water-lovers, so plant them in pots and water them regularly.

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Featured image: Pexels