The wrong plant in close proximity can be detrimental to your beautiful rose blooms. Roses are a staple in many gardens and choosing what to plant next to your roses is important for their survival.

Here are 5 plants to avoid planting next to your roses:

1. Lilacs

Roses can be large plants with large root systems and should not be planted next to woody plants. Lilacs are woody plants and are one of the plants you should avoid planting next to your roses as they could outcompete your roses for water and nutrients. Your roses will not flourish in this environment.

Lilacs: plants to avoid next to roses

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2. Mint

Although mint is a favourite among gardeners because of its resilience and ability to deter pests, the strong scent of mint can deter pollinators from visiting your rose plants. Mint can multiply if not pruned back and this can overwhelm your roses, causing them to compete for nutrients in the soil.

3. Morning glory flowers

These climbers are known to brighten up walls and fences, but their sturdiness can harm rose stems. The climbing habit of these flowers can also cause shading and competition for water, affecting your roses. It is best to avoid them next to your roses.

4. Snapdragon flowers

Snapdragons are extremely susceptible to powdery mildew and rust and should never be planted near your roses.

They can complement your roses well in terms of colour and attracting pollinators, however, they are best grown in another part of your garden to avoid damage to your thriving roses.

Snapdragon cut flowers, one of the plants to avoid planting next to your roses

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5. Leopard’s bane daisy flowers

These perennial ground flowers producing cheerful, yellow flowers may be a great addition to your garden. They, however, shade the ground, lock in moisture, and can take over an area. This creates the perfect breeding ground for black spots, a fungal disease that roses are most susceptible to.

Leopard's Bane a vibrant yellow perennial in the spring flower border.

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Avoid plants with extensive root systems next to your roses.


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