We may be sad to see summer go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the sunny days we have left. Take a look at these outdoor living ideas for some inspiration to enjoy the last of the summer season.

Use your floral harvest

Tanny Do via Unsplash


As the summer season slows down and flowers begin to fade, you’ll likely be trimming from your cut flower garden often to brighten your indoor space. But don’t forget to spread the love in your outdoor living space too. A well-curated vase with a selection of blooms from your backyard blends the garden and the living space effortlessly to create a harmony unique to your garden.

Keep it simple

Manuel Torres Garcia via Unsplash

You don’t need an expensive outdoor lounge set and tons of space to create the perfect outdoor living area. A simple set of chairs and a table are all you need to enjoy the last few days of summer outdoors. Opt for unique furniture – thrifting is a great way to find one-of-a-kind pieces – and sprinkle a few of your favourite plants around the area to tie the living area into the rest of your outdoor space.

Enjoy the view

Artem Beliaikin via Unsplash

Anyone lucky enough to have a view from their outdoor living space should be making the most of it now before the cold sets in. Have more meals outdoors, relax with your book or some good music, or simply walk around outdoors with your coffee in the morning as you wake up. Being outdoors is a proven mood lifter, and now is the ideal time to enjoy the last of the warm weather in the summer sunshine.

Maximize small spaces

Nidia Dias via Unsplash

When outdoor living space is limited, carefully plan your design to make the most of what you have. Rather than packing the space with furniture, choose a few pieces you know you will use most often and keep the rest of the space free for plants and relaxation. Limited space doesn’t mean you should be stuck inside during South Africa’s favourite season.

Light it up

Yetepireg Iles via Unsplash

There is nothing quite like watching the sunset and enjoying an evening in your outdoor living space. Whether you’re entertaining a large group or are simply hanging out with your family, make it a special occasion with hanging lights. There are hundreds of options for every outdoor space and price point, adding an irresistible ambiance that can’t be matched.

Throw a party

Luis Villafranca via Unsplash

Why not say goodbye to summer and make the most of your outdoor living space in the ultimate way – with a party. Throw up some decorations, set up the braai and invite your friends over for a last hoorah. Add extra seating, cushions and set up a makeshift bar to complete the look.

Ready for flames

Joel Clements via Unsplash

Although temperatures are still high in February, the evenings do begin to cool down more than in previous weeks. This provides the perfect opportunity to transition in autumn with your own outdoor fireplace. There is something irresistible about a crackling fire, even when the goal isn’t to warm you up. Get that fireplace clean and ready for the cold months to come.