Hibiscus rosa-sinensis produces colossal blooms with unmatched tropical allure. These cultivars, with Greek names fitting of their impressive size, are ideal for tropical South African regions, or for growing indoors. Enjoy almost year-round floral displays with these stunning shrubs.

Hibiscus Adonicus

Captivating bright pink blooms with the characteristic red centre. The petals have a gorgeous, ruffled texture fitting for any flower garden.

Hibiscus Athenacus

Similar in shape to Adonicus, this Hibiscus has bright yellow flowers reminiscent of a South African summer’s day. Use these blooms to brighten up partially shady spots in your beds. 

Hibiscus Boreas Yellow

Pale yellow flowers with a contrasting deep red centre. The centre is circled by a white ring, calling all pollinators in the area to the large blooms.

Hibiscus Adonicus Pearl

A more delicate cultivar suitable for light and bright cottage gardens. Adonicus Pearl has enormous flowers with white petals, brushed with a touch of pink, and topped off by burgundy centers. 

Hibiscus Care

Hibiscus prefer full sun in cooler climates and partial shade in hot, dry areas. These shrubs are great for containers, growing best when planting in rich, well-draining soil. Water frequently and fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer once per season. 

Featured image: Hiếu Hoàng via Pexels