Planting plan for a revamped vegetable garden

A modern take on a heritage garden, this potager is a peaceful and productive oasis


Having always enjoyed the concept of garden rooms, Durban landscape designer Graeme Hornby created spaces with distinct characters – the open lawn, the pool area and his take on a classic potager or ornamental vegetable garden shown here.


The planting scheme combines traditional elements with modern and family preferences. “At least 70 percent is vegetables and herbs which we use every day as well as sharing with our staff,” says Graeme.


The four symmetrically placed vegetable beds, raised on 30cm plinths to make maintenance easier, contain lettuce, rocket, rhubarb, onions and carrots. Thriving alongside are mint, chives, parsley, fennel and tomatoes.


To add a pretty, country-style finish, each bed features a trellised ‘Gold Bunny’ rose, offset by dwarf white agapanthus. A buxus hedge edges every bed, fronted by softening begonias, while interesting surprises, such as white foxglove (Digitalis purpurea ‘Alba’) and gardenia, pop up here and there.


Download the plan for this garden, plus the lists of plants and hard landscaping materials you’ll need to implement it.