If you have limited outdoor space or none at all, but still want to grow and eat your own food, try growing microgreens indoors. These shoots are easy to grow and pack a huge nutritional punch. Ready to harvest in just a week, you’ll have an unlimited supply of fresh greens in no time.

Which Microgreens To Grow

Microgreens have become more and more popular over the years, so seed packets of ‘microgreen mixes’ have become more common. If you want to spice things up and create your own microgreen mix, choose seeds that have a similar germination period, so you’ll be able to harvest them all at once.

If you’d rather grow individual types of vegetables as microgreens, that’s an option as well. Some plants that are great to grow as microgreens include spinach, fennel, coriander, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and beetroot. Most leafy greens, herbs, and some flowers can be grown as microgreens. Get creative with combinations and recipes!

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To start, add a lightweight potting mix to a tray or container. As your microgreens won’t need to establish deep roots before the harvest, the layer of soil doesn’t have to be large. Then, sprinkle mixed seeds across the soil in a generous layer. You want microgreens to grow densely, so make your seed layer thick.

Next, scatter a thin layer of potting medium across the top of the seeds. Press down gently on the soil to set. Then, dampen the soil with water. Make sure the soil is damp all the way through. After that, set your newly planted seeds in a sunny spot or under a grow light and wait for them to sprout.

Caring For Your Microgreens

Taking care of your microgreens is pretty straightforward. If you keep them in a sunny place and make sure they get enough water, they’ll be happy campers. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out by using a spray bottle to water your microgreens. You don’t need to worry much about pests as you’re growing indoors and will be harvesting quickly.

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How To Harvest Microgreens

Within a week of germination, your microgreens should grow their first set of true leaves. Your greens are ready to harvest once you notice that their first set or two of true leaves have fully unfurled. At this point, your microgreens should be just under 5cm tall.

To harvest your microgreens, use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the stems right above the soil line. Continue until you have enough for your recipe. Since these mini veggies are packed in, you can harvest a little bit at a time and leave some growing to harvest later.

How To Serve And Eat Microgreens

We already know microgreens are packed with nutrition – but how do you eat them? You can add microgreens as a garnish in essentially any dish. Sprinkle them on top of pasta dishes or stack them in a hamburger. Microgreens also make great additions to stir fries and roasts. You can even use microgreens as a substitute in most recipes that call for spinach or other nutritious greens.


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