3 Low maintenance gardening tips

Don’t have hours to spend on keeping your garden looking fabulous? Here are clever ways you can cut back on chores and still have a beautiful outdoor space

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Hard landscaping

Duraturf -- low maintenance gardening tips -- Garden and Home

Include more hard landscaping like paving, pebbles or decking, so there’ll be less lawn to water and mow. If you do, however, love the look of lawn, but don’t want the upkeep, try an artificial grass like DuraTurf.

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Use containers

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With their fleeting flowers and often high-water needs, some annuals and bulbs can be hard work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be included in a low-maintenance garden. Planting them in containers will make it easier to give them the extra attention they need. Position your pots in well-used areas, such as on the patio or along pathways, to make the most of their glorious seasonal colour.

Be waterwise

waterwise -- low maintenance gardening tips -- Garden and Home

Keep your lawn from creeping into your garden beds by edging your borders; this will also make mowing and edge trimming easier. Paved edging also prevents water runoff and helps retain moisture in the soil.

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