Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica is a versatile plant, native to tropical nations and is valued for its many benefits and usesTake advantage of its widely appreciated use. Why not grow your one in your garden?

Close up of Neem Tree leaves

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Growing your neem tree

Although neem trees thrive in hot, arid tropical climates, they can also be grown in pots. Preparing neem seeds for planting is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much effort.

Whether you choose to grow the plant from seeds or cuttings, it’s essential to maintain the temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius, as it is optimal for the plant’s growth.

Neem tree seeds have a short lifespan and are viable for only 10-12 days. Therefore, it’s crucial to use fresh seeds as soon as possible. When planting them in pots, it’s essential to use a high-quality potting mix.

Cover the seeds with an inch of potting mix and keep the pot warm and moist. It takes one to three weeks for the seeds to start germinating.

A Neem Tree Plant Young Leaves Growing in garden

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Neem tree care

Growing neem trees in your garden will require you to learn their behaviour, what they like and how they prefer to be treated.

Neem trees require plenty of bright sunlight, be sure to grow them in places with lots and lots of sunlight. These trees will benefit from regular moisture, but not too much, as they don’t tolerate wet feet or poorly drained soil.

You should water them once every week and allow the soil to dry between every watering session. Good quality fertiliser will benefit the growth of your neem tree and you should aim to feed it once every month, especially during the spring and summer months.

If you are planning to grow a neem tree in winter, keep in mind that the low temperatures can be harmful to the neem tree seeds. Therefore, it is recommended to grow it indoors as the tree goes through a dormant stage and requires less water. However, if you prefer to plant the tree outside, you should cover it to provide warmth and protection to your plant.

Neem tree uses and benefits

Neem has proven to be valuable. It is a versatile tree with various uses for:

  • Cosmetic/ medicinal purposes
  • Fuel-wood production
  • Natural insect repellents

Nearly all parts of the plant are useful in one way or another. Gardeners know that the entire neem tree possesses antifungal and antiseptic properties. You can also take advantage of the tree’s benefits because neem oil comes from the seeds which are dried from the tree. These oils can be highly effective against numerous pests such as:

A neem tree in your garden or yard is a great idea as it has a sweet aroma that is widely appreciated by an abundance of insects such as honeybees.



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