You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a rare houseplant to have it die on you within a few weeks.

Interest in houseplants has grown astronomically over the past few years, becoming one of the dominant forms of urban gardening today.

This trend started out with a classic Monstera deliciosa and a regal fiddle leaf fig, but as more and more gardeners master the care of these popular favourites, they are starting to look toward the new, the rare, and the exciting.

The rare houseplant market is an expensive one, but also one well worth the effort of entering.

If you want to give yours the best care, follow these essential tips:

1. Do your research.

Rare species often have specific care requirements that differ from regular houseplants. For example, highly variegated plants need more bright indirect light than others due to their lack of chlorophyl in variegated areas.

2. Water when you bring them home.

Rare houseplants are usually sold online and transported to you from far away. This process of transportation can be stressful, especially when temperatures are high. Make sure you give your thirsty plants some water as soon as they arrive (as long as the top layer of soil is dried out) to help them settle in.

3. Avoid changes in conditions.

After you’ve done your research to find the perfect spot for your rare plant, it’s best not to disturb them. Plants don’t like changes in conditions and environments and can become stressed if they are frequently moved.

Written by Madison Moulton for April’s issue of Woman&Home.


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