Celebrate Easter with gorgeous floral displays. We asked Cebile Simelane of Cebsim Flower Design to create flower arrangements ideal for a memorable brunch.

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Cebile used florist’s foam for the base of the centrepiece, soaking it in water beforehand. She filled it with foliage, including fragrant eucalyptus, to add volume, letting it cascade off the end of the table.

“Then I placed hydrangeas in strategic places, and filled in with roses and delphiniums and more foliage so that the base was hidden.” She also tucked gold eggs in between the leaves.

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“It’s a subtle touch that adds to the Easter theme,” she explains. “I included pink and white candles to add a glow. But don’t use scented ones as they will interfere with the flavour of the food.”

Flower arrangements for Easter 03


Flower arrangements for Easter 02

It’s important to add height to a server arrangement so it can be seen behind the main table. Here, Cebile used a variety of glass and ceramic vases and filled them with similar flowers and foliage.

Flower arrangements for Easter 01

The varying heights add interest and the pastel shades stand out beautifully against the dark grey wall.

Cebile’s tips for floral arrangements

1. If the flowers are in pastel shades, keep the tablecloth, napkins and crockery neutral so they don’t compete with the flowers.

2. Hydrangeas are available at a number of florists even though they’re not in season. But if you battle to find them, king proteas will look just as gorgeous.

3. Some of these flowers are only fresh for about three days, so arrange them the night before.

4. Use flowers that have a few closed buds to ensure the arrangement looks good for longer.

5. Just before your guests arrive, give the flowers a light misting of water so they look really fresh.