Keep your roses happy during the hottest month of the year with these essential tasks.

  • Add a fresh layer of mulch. This keeps the roots cool and helps retain moisture, limiting evaporation. Straw, leaf mould or well-rotted manure are ideal mulches to choose from.
  • Keep leaves on the plant. When deadheading or cutting blooms to take indoors, it’s best to make shorter cuts that keep as much foliage on the plant as possible. These leaves help the plant better manage high temperatures.
  • Water overhead when you notice wilting. Although watering overhead is usually not recommended, it can help your roses when temperatures are higher than usual. Make sure this is done only on sunny days to allow the water to evaporate throughout the day.
  • Water once every two to three days, depending on temperature. You may need to water daily when temperatures are unusually high for long periods. Increase your watering more for roses planted in containers.
  • Avoid fertilizing when temperatures are high as this can lead to additional stress.