Nothing says summer better than a bunch of colourful Zinnias. Available in a wide range of happy colours, these summer favourites are a must-grow for any gardener. Keep reading for expert tips for planting zinnias.

Why we love Zinnias

Zinnias (Zinnia elegans) are one of the easiest annuals to grow, especially in a country with a challenging climate like South Africa. They appear to be making a come- back, probably due to their ease of growing and water-wise characteristics. Zinnias love the sun, and the velvety texture of their highly coloured petals is a constant delight in the summer garden. Ranging from tiny dwarf varieties to the tall-growing Dahlia varieties, Zinnias are easy to grow and tall varieties like California Giant will make a stunning statement in your garden beds and borders.


When to plant zinnias

Zinnias flower from late spring until autumn, growing quickly and attracting birds and pollinators.

Plant the tall varieties in your borders or beds, or in large containers – they will provide a stunning display wherever they are and make fantastic cut flowers. Pick blooms when they are half opened to ensure lasting vase time and be sure to pick as frequently as possible to encourage re-blooming.

Zinnias need rich, well-drained soil and lots of sun. Feed with a general fertiliser for flowering plants as they start budding. Keep your Zinnias evenly moist but don’t overwater them. 

It is also important to make sure you don’t plant them too close together as they are prone to powdery mildew. Try and use the new disease-resistant hybrids and avoid too much overhead watering.



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