Spring and summer are the seasons of an abundance of blooms in the garden. One of the best ways to bring those blooms indoors is by growing edible flowers. Useful in the kitchen and packed with vitamins and interesting flavours, there are tons of options for your edible flowers this year.

Stunning Salads

Boring salads that need a pop of colour can quickly be spruced up with a sprinkle of edible flowers. Both small and large blooms are the ultimate garnish to turn any salad dish into an arty masterpiece – great for when guests are around. Make sure the flavour of your chosen flowers matches the rest of your ingredients so they don’t get ignored.

Keep It Cool

Take a few of your small edible blooms and pop them into ice trays for a gorgeous botanical touch to beverages, especially when the sun is baking outside. Pair with punchy herbs for a more interesting look and taste, adding to cocktails and punches as needed.

Table Décor

When you’re entertaining family or friends, the last thing you want your table setting to be is boring. For a real spring feel, toss some edible flowers strategically around your cutlery. You won’t need to worry about any inedible flowers and food mixing, and your guests can try a tasty snack while they wait for the real deal.


For the tea lovers in your life, dry out your blooms and mix with other plants to make your own herbal tea. They can be dried quickly in the microwave or left out for a few days for the best results. Break the petals apart and place in clear jars, ready for teatime.


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