Crushed eggshells can add valuable nutrients back into the soil with the high level of calcium being beneficial to your plants. The next time you crack a few eggs to make breakfast or for baking, don’t throw away the shells, repurpose them for your garden.

Crushed eggs shells around plants as natural garden organic fertilizer

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How to make eggshell fertiliser

For the benefit of your plants, eggshells act as a good fertiliser for the soil of your plants. All you have to do is rinse the eggshells, letting them dry out and grind them into sprinkle powder. Make sure the eggshells are from raw eggs as the boiled eggshells lose the needed nutritious calcium.

Stir the eggshell powder into your flower bed or garden soil. Some gardens prefer using a method known as steeping the eggshells. This method involves using eggshells to make a fertiliser tea that will add liquid calcium to your plant’s soil.

One way to fertilize plants is to use beaten egg shells.

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How can eggshells be beneficial?

Eggshells can lower the soil acidity. Most plants prefer low acidity in the soil to absorb nutrients and ward off toxic elements. The calcium in eggshells lowers the soil pH levels which in turn makes it less acidic. The eggshells can also help fruiting plants thrive and avoid rot. These eggshells can:

  • Control pests
  • Encourage root growth
  • Discourage rot


Eggshell fertiliser will benefit many plants, and help fruit-bearing species thrive with the production of healthy fruits.


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