A Leaf blower is a highly versatile piece of equipment, and is as essential in a manicured estate as they are in the bushveld.

“The range of solutions offered by leaf blowers is both practical and extremely useful for both domestic and agricultural purposes,” says Johan Kruger, National Sales Manager for Husqvarna South Africa. He adds that there are a range of jobs – both around the house and on a farm – that call for a powerful gust of air, and the convenience of a cordless leaf blower offers a solid solution.

Johan gives just a few alternative uses for your leaf blower.


1. Fire control

Probably the most important of all leaf blower alternative uses is fire control. Fires are a very real threat to farms or smallholdings, particularly in the winter months when it is so dry. Burning firebreaks, therefore, is an annual necessity performed by farmers. However, in the event of it becoming a runaway fire, not only can it damage your own property but you can be held liable for any potential damage caused to other’s property too. Many people don’t know this but leaf blowers can be very effective in this regard. The Husqvarna 578BTF not only has a heat-resistant nozzle, but it also has protected fuel lines and a filtration system that prevents soot and dust getting into the engine. This makes it the perfect tool to help quell fires by back burning (blowing the fire onto itself) or to direct controlled burning (in the case of fire breaks).


2. Outside Maintenance

Blocked gutters can cause a major headache, particularly during the rainy season when they start overflowing. You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by simply blowing leaves and other debris out every couple of months.


3. Cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning garden equipment like mowers or edge trimmers or just tidying a pathway after replanting a flower bed, nothing is more effective than a leaf blower. It gets into the nooks and crannies far better than a brush or broom can, and takes far less energy.

Plus, domestic use of a leaf blower is not just limited to the outside. It is an excellent way to clean out your vacuum cleaner filter. Simply hold the blower outlet over the hole that goes into the centre of your filter and blast away (just ensure that you’re in the garden when you do this!).

Finally, farmers and DIY enthusiasts who have workshops on their properties can save themselves a lot of time and effort by using their leaf blower to remove wood shavings and fine sawdust.


4. Threading

If you need to send a wire through a tight spot or a pipe, try tying the wire to a folded cloth or piece of sponge, and use your leaf blower to blow the wire through.


5. Drying

Instead of using a chamois or leaving your car to air dry (which can cause ugly streaks), simply turn on your leaf blower for a perfectly dry and streak-free car in minutes.

You can use this same technique on outside furniture when washing it, or if it has gotten wet in the rain, a few minutes of blowing and your seats will dry out.


For more information about the Husqvarna range, visit: https://www.husqvarna.com/za/.


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