When it comes to indoor gardening, there are so many tools and gadgets out there that help keep houseplants flourishing. There are a number of tried-and-tested tools as well as a collection of fresh new gadgets all designed to make your indoor gardening adventure easier. When used correctly, these assets can help you grow and nurture flourishing houseplants, from violets to vegetables.


Grow Lights

First gadget of choice: grow lights. Grow lights are a huge help when it comes to making sure your indoor plants get enough light. This tool comes in handy particularly if you don’t have much natural sunlight in your space. And, grow lights can be used as a supplement during winter months when there’s less natural light available.

Image: Altifarm Enverde for Unsplash

Heat Mats

Whether you want to help seeds sprout or care for specific plants inside during winter, heat mats can do the trick. Heat mats simulate the natural warmth of a sunny day and increase the germination rate of seeds. As far as fully grown plants, you can keep them warm and healthy indoors during the winter with heat mats. Some species are super sensitive to drops in temperature in colder seasons, so adding a heat mat beneath their pots can help hold them over until it’s warm again.


Watering Globes

You’ve probably seen these indoor gardening tools before. Watering globes are helpful if you’re going to be away for a while, or if you tend to forget to water your plants. Just fill your watering globe with water, stick into the soil, and your plants can soak up water right at root level. Watering globes come in a variety of designs and colours, so you can use them to add some flair to your indoor plants.



Setting up a small humidifier near your indoor plants keeps the air around them comfortable. You can set your humidifier on a timer so it keeps your plants thriving with minimal effort. This little tool doesn’t take up much space and is pretty inexpensive, benefitting your plants as well as you.


Words: Madison Mouton

Image: Unsplash