Noordhoek Open Gardens is an annual event that allows locals to stroll through gardens in private homes. Here is an overview of some beautiful gardens from this past weekend.

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Running over the weekend of the 22 and 23 of October, the 8th annual Open Gardens showcased 19 gardens altogether, each with its character and unique charm. The weekend offered beautiful sights, fragrances, and inspiration from water-conserving eco-gardens to bonsai tending demonstrations.

Ingrid and Thomas’s garden 

Ingrid and Thomas’s garden is 19 years old and is planted with indigenous plants and a selection of protea bushes. The garden wraps around the house, and your eyes are drawn to the horse paddocks and the magnificent panoramic views of Noordhoek and beyond. This year Ingrid was inspired by Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree and created a fairy garden. For example, she decorated their Ficus tree with disco balls, pixie figurines, and lanterns.

Noordhoek Open Gardens
Ingrid and Thomas’s panoramic view. Picture: Cape {town} Etc
Noordhoek Open Gardens
Ingrid and Thomas’s ficus tree. Picture: Cape {town} Etc

Samantha and Andrew’s Garden

Equally stunning, Samantha and Andrew’s garden is a horticulturalists dream. One of its main features is a tranquil dam topped with lily pads and a bridge leading to a little island. There are tropical, succulent, herbaceous garden beds and clivia breeding shade houses. One of the perks of adding this garden to the day’s itinerary is a fascinating talk by Andrew about propagating clivias and cross-breeding hybrids. Many succulents, clivias, and proteas were for sale as part of this year’s Noordhoek Open Gardens.

Picture: Cape {town} Etc
Picture: Cape {town} Etc

Kathy and Gavin’s Garden

Another botanical gem is Kathy and Gavin’s rambling, shade-loving garden along the De Goede Hoop stream, a well-known location in Noordhoek. Lovingly cultivated for 27 years, this garden is home to over 100 trees and exotic and indigenous shrubs and bulbs. Whether you start or end with it, Gavin’s spectacular bonsai collection is an essential stop on this garden visit. With over 100 bonsais, fifty of them form his core collection. Gavin will not sell these for any price because of the effort and sentiment that has gone into growing, shaping, and caring for them.

Noordhoek Open Gardens
Gavin’s bonsai collection. Picture: Cape {town} Etc
Garden with bonsais
Picture: Cape {town} Etc
Noordhoek Open Gardens
Kathy and Gavin’s veggie garden. Picture: Cape {town} Etc
Noordhoek Open Gardens
De Goede Hoop stream. Picture: Cape {town} Etc

Alison and Ryan’s Garden 

Lastly, Alison and Ryan’s garden also participated in the 2022 Noordhoek Open Gardens. It features a large lawn, eco-pool, fire pit, and views of Chapman’s Peak. The back garden was redeveloped last year with meandering pathways, aloes, and a morning coffee corner. In addition, the family’s beloved Gran created and maintained the garden, which contains mostly indigenous plants.

Picture: Cape {town} Etc

We’re already looking forward to Noordhoek’s 9th annual Open Gardens in 2023!

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