We chat with interior designers to get the lowdown on all things layering fabrics so that you don’t have to.

Top tips for layering fabrics

Stay True to You

We all love a trend. But the fact is that they’re rarely timeless. That’s why adapting the trend to suit your style is important. Your taste will never let you down, even as trends continuously evolve.

When you are choosing your fabrics, one of the most important factors is the type of look and feel you want to create. After all, you want to use fabrics that suit your personality. Consider the texture, colour, size and balance of all elements in a space’
says Amanda.

Start with a vision of what style you want to accomplish and work from there to considerately pair textures and colours to execute the look. Stay focused on your intention as this will help you pare down to only the most essential pieces.

As Ally explains: ‘When designing a space, you have a visual message that you personally want to convey. How each element (such as rugs, furniture, curtains, cushions) is put together will tell the story! Be mindful of your existing furniture and how you can amplify its effect through layering.

Playing with Colour

Not into multi-coloured spaces? Don’t stress. You can layer with one colour by playing with different hues and textures. Ally and Amanda recommend getting creative with texture if you’re sticking to a very specific palette.

Texture will always work in your favour. If you would prefer to stick to only a few colours, make a statement with a textured rug or bold chair. Or, even more subtly, add a chunky woollen throw to your bedroom and fall in love with the difference it will make!

The design duo playfully notes that ‘A pop of colour never hurt anyone – especially if thoughtfully layered!’ Using the colour wheel to identify complementary colours is always a good bet. Choosing interesting colour combinations will give your home a unique touch and will help convey your personality. Visual contrast stimulates the senses and adds character to any space.

Layering for Minimalism

Minimalism does not mean monotonous, clinical design. On the contrary, minimalism’s intentional approach perfectly aligns with a layered aesthetic.

‘Adding a few layers of textured pieces to your minimal interior designs can create layers of warmth,’ says Ally. Amanda adds that fabric choice is key: ‘Choose the right fabric without an overwhelming visual statement. For instance, soft fur blanket on a leather chair will give a timeless, chic look that does not compromise the overall aesthetic. Layering does not mean overmatching and overcrowding your space.

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