Yes, we know that Spring is still a while away and that our fleecy blankets are still very much layered in the living room. But we thought it would be a great idea to prepare you with decor trends for when the season starts rolling in.

This will help you plan in advance or even just save up for a couple of new pieces that you might want to invest in when the time comes.

Let’s unpack some of the trends we can expect in the decor space for spring/summer 2023

Nature’s Embrace: Botanical Bliss

decor trends 2023

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We all know about the power of nature and the effect it has on us. This is also true for the warmer season, with the added benefit of being able to go out and enjoy some fun in the sun. Embrace the botanical bliss in the comfort of your home by introducing indoor plants and greenery throughout your living spaces. From large potted plants to tiny succulents, whichever type of plant you prefer – the more, the better!

Earthy Tones: Embracing Nature’s Palette

decor trends 2023

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There’s nothing like a palette that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy yet still remains clean and serene. A neutral palette always allows the room to breathe while still holding a nice, cohesive look and feel.  Think warm terracottas, soft sandy beiges, and rich forest greens.

Maximalism: Vibrant & Bold

decor trends 2023

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The complete opposite of neutral and minimalism will then be your maximalist trend. Bid adieu to subtle, a big trend will also be all about making a statement with bold and vibrant patterns. Maximalism is making a strong comeback, encouraging you to mix and match colours, prints, and textures fearlessly. Don’t be afraid of this one, it truly can be a fun time to just go for it!

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Nostalgia Reimagined: Retro Revival

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Who does not love a good throwback? The nostalgia of the past is back, this time with a modern twist. Keep those memories alive while bringing them into the present moment. Vintage-inspired decor, retro wallpapers, and classic clean-lined accessories create the perfect collaboration. By mixing them together you strike the perfect balance, creating great ambience.

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Originally published by Woman&Home Magazine

Written by Rojaun Devos