As our gazes turn to 2023’s decor trends, one common prediction is that uniformity is out and expression pieces are in.

That matching lounge suite? Forget about it. All the rugs in your home conforming to similar shades of grey? Think twice. Decor trends since the pandemic have all been inspired by the thinking that says our homes should be a reflection of those who live in it, rather than what we think will look good for guests – call it a statement.

It only makes sense then that statement pieces have been hot on the home scene. Many budding entrepreneurs have made their businesses based on the term, allowing a unique revolution to revamp our abodes and elevate them to quirky status.

How to make your statement, decor style

There aren’t many rules when it comes to statement pieces, but some to keep in your back pocket are:

  • Size matters 
  • Cluttercore 
  • Making the statement stand out 

Where to cop statement pieces for your home’s 2023 makeover

Statement coffee tables:

The centre of the living room, the piece that pulls pop-in visits together and the determiner between feng shui and no way; the coffee table is not to be underestimated.

Whether it’s a coffee table that loves to show a lot more leg, or one that takes its curves seriously, most modern trends are betting on a coffee table that has more personality.

Lift, glass, two-tiers and marble top styles are all under the decor spotlight right now, but opting for a glass top with statement legs is a stylish bet if you’re looking for a subtle statement piece that can fit seamlessly into most living room design sets.

Spotlight: The RONDO Coffee Table by House of Kook

House of Kook

The big pouf

If you haven’t hopped onto the pouf train yet, you’re missing out on the best in comfort since the La-Z-boy. Functional, fitting to any room and your next movie-night must-have, poufs have taken over and everyone’s inner child is relishing in the moment.

Spotlight: Beanbag Large Flokati beige by Vetsak 

Fab feature walls

A feature wall is a sure way to shine the spotlight on a specific wall – perfect for the budding maximalist. There’s no formula to what makes a great feature wall, but there are the essentials like prints or vinyl art stickers.

Grab some prints, put on your DIY cap and get creative to make one section of your home speak to personalised art. Especially for apartments – this is one segue to make your space feel more inviting without any overcluttered woes.

Spotlight: Prints from Abode 

Liam Lineveldt

Spotlight: Vinyl Wall Stickers by Fantastick Wall Décor

Fantastick Wall Décor

Geometric terrariums

As biophiles continue to nurture indoor natural charms (whether for the love of nature, aesthetics or both) terrariums are a gorgeous way to make your plant babies statement pieces in themselves and secure a micro-environment for them to flourish.

With glass geometric shapes available from local spots like Anea, this is an ideal statement piece for the minimalist biophile.

Spotlight: Pentakis Terrarium by Anea

Anea Terrariums

Neon lights aren’t just for clubs

After TikTok lights made waves in 2020, neon lights stepped away from being exclusive to Cape Town restaurants and nightclubs. Dopamine decor at its finest, neon lights add an edge to any space desperately seeking vibrance.

Some neon lights tend to act as soft night lights too, so if you’re looking for a twist on lighting for your little one’s room, they’re a trend-approved addition. Bonus? Your teenager will love you forever if you added a neon twinkle to their Christmas list.

Spotlight: Fun Flowers by The Glow Co

Curvy seat treats

As I said, curves have never been hotter and your staple chairs are no exception.If you’re looking for statement seats that ooze comfort, it’s time to say goodbye to your all-angular furniture.

Some call it retro-futurism (combining futuristic or eclectic designs with inspiration from the past) others call it practical. Whatever your take, rounded shapes aren’t set to go anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Spotlight: Banana style rocking chair by Re-Trend 

Spotlight: Kook Armchair by House of Kook 

House of Kook

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Feature Image: Vetsak