A gravel driveway is a beautiful and sustainable way to keep your yard looking timelessly beautiful. It is easy to keep your gravel driveway looking clean and fresh. Here are top tips for keeping it up to par.

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Apply landscaping fabric

Laying landscaping fabric over the surface before applying new gravel to a driveway can offer several benefits. One of these benefits is helping to prevent weeds from poking through your gravel driveway. 

This can also decrease the chance of potholes and areas with pooling water in the future. Laying a landscaping fabric can also help you avoid additional costs in the future.

Rake your gravel driveway

Raking your gravel driveway is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain it. Leaves and other debris can get mixed in with the gravel, leaving it looking unkempt.

Rake it regularly if possible to maintain its beauty. Be sure to keep debris off as this can cause it to deteriorate. 

Rake, flattening out bed of gravel DRIVEWAY

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Spray it down

Spraying it down helps keep the rocks from moving and sliding away as you walk or drive over it.

Since gravel is easily crushed into dust over time spraying it down will help stabilize the gravel stones. Your average basic garden hose can suffice to keep the dust and stones from moving away. 

Fix gravel potholes

Gravel is naturally loose, and over time, the daily wear and tear leads to the development of potholes on the driveway. Fortunately, repairing the potholes on the gravel driveway is a simple process that can be done by professional contractors. 

The gravel has to be spread and compacted with heavy machinery. Fixing these potholes as soon as they appear is important because they can cause damage to your vehicle.

Gravel driveway being rolled flat

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Gravel driveways can last for a long time if kept properly and are well maintained. Use these above tips to keep yours neat and clean. 


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