With simplicity as a significant design theme in 2024, minimalist or low-key fireplaces are a major trend. These design trends are the ones to look out for when redesigning your fireplaces. Here are a few options to choose from.

Built-in fireplaces

Having a built-in fireplace in the middle of your living room may sometimes be a daunting style challenge. It does not have to; these fireplaces bring convenience to your home.

The fireplaces are functional, with glass covering them for safety reasons. You can enjoy the ambience of your fireplace in any space you decide on.

Fireplace installing. Fireplace Fire Protective Board

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Marble fireplaces

Timeless and elegant marble fireplaces are making a huge comeback in interior design spaces. If you want to add a luxurious touch to your living room, marble fireplaces are the go-to design. Marble comes in a variety of colours, giving you an option to choose from.

Marble Fireplace with Window view

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Brick/stone fireplaces

If you like the industrial look, then this type of fireplace design is for you and your home. The exposed stone or brick adds texture to your home.

These fireplaces offer a contemporary, nature-inspired element to your room decor. Stone-exposed fireplaces can also create a dramatic focal point in your space.

Living Room With Brick Fireplace

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Minimalist fireplaces

Simplicity will always win. Minimalistic fireplaces will always be noticed in your space. The aim is to focus on the flames instead of the detailing of your fireplace. You can pair minimalist fireplaces with a plane-neutral colour blend.

minimalist style fireplace

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The best fireplace design will undoubtedly elevate your home. Be sure to match the general vibe of your home with the fireplace design.


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