Sprucing up your entertainment area is easy with a set of egg chairs. Reminiscent of the hammock, these egg chairs are a modern take on lounging around all year long.

These egg chairs make the perfect addition to an outdoor fire pit area, hanging safely from a pergola (if you have one built). You can throw some cushions on them for maximum comfort.

Your fire pit will be the place to visit when all your friends come over. 

Where to buy egg chairs

Egg chairs in patio area

Cielo Addilyn Hanging chair R5499

I’ve fallen completely in love with the idea of these suspended, oval-shaped, straw-made installations found in modern decor. Seeing myself snuggled in one right next to a warm fire is a daily musing of mine, especially in the winter. 

You can get these gorgeous-looking chairs from any local furniture store which stocks them. Or you can order them online. These chairs are available online when you check out the Makro, Cielo and Builders websites. 

These chairs are quite versatile and can hang from your patio area just as well in your living room. But, for the purposes of this piece, we are looking at how to incorporate them into your garden decor. You’ll be giving your outdoor hangout area an upgrade when adding this stylish element. 

The inspiration

What inspired this piece was watching the YouTubers Sabrina & Andrew Pougnet’s journey with renovating their Ontario home. They’ve set the tone for all the possibilities of renovating your home inside and out. Theirs is a particularly breathtaking outdoor area. Complete with a pool area and deck, a vegetable garden, and most impressively, an outdoor fire pit with egg chairs!


Following their three-year journey has been nothing short of an inspiration to both find a carpenter to take as a husband and to get started on renovating my first home.

After investing in my first home at the age of 25, I’m always inspired by how best to utilise space, no matter how big or small, for the purpose of entertaining some guests in the future. 

I can’t wait to get working on my very own outdoor entertainment area. It may not be anytime soon, as my own house is out on lease for the time being, just while I get my life together. But these egg chairs are definitely on my to-do list. And I hope you’ll be inspired to shake up your outdoor area with a pair of egg chairs, too.

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Featured image: Pexels