1950’s decor from SHF

Craig Steel, the founding leader of SHF, shares his favourite furniture and decor pieces

Craig says, “I’m inspired by the 1950’s and have a love for well-crafted pieces, brought into a modern era, dark leathers and salvaged woods, which provide contrast.” He is also inspired by the reinterpretation of old designs as they not only represent where we’ve been but how far we’ve come.

His top tip? Take what you have and incorporate new pieces to give a distinct style to your home.

SHF 1950's shopping
  1. Adler mirror, R8 995
  2. Bharata candle lantern, R595
  3. Admiral dresser, R25 995
  4. Farmland dining table, R8 795
  5. Scandinavian wishbone chair, R2 095
  6. Copenhagen chair, R17 995
  7. Chesterfield sofa, R59 995