Lindy Fourie of Labola Décor, Flowers and Planning takes us through making a gorgeous ice bucket.

1. Slice your fruit, flowers and herbs

2. Pour 4cm of water into the ice bucket and a few slices of fruit and freeze overnight to create a solid base.

3. Once frozen, place a smaller similar shaped bucket inside the bigger ice bucket. Weigh it down with rocks inside the smaller bucket.

4. Fill the gaps between the two buckets with ice and your sliced fruit, flowers and herbs.

5. Keep packing the gaps until you reach the rim of the buckets.

6. Fill the gap between the ice buckets with water.

7. Freeze overnight.

8. Once frozen solid, pour warm water over the buckets to allow them to melt enough to separate. You can then place the ice bucket back inside your freezer until you are ready to use it.

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